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2004-10-04: My Channel 9 Guy has a new Home

The mascot of Microsoft's Channel9 website that I have won is now sitting on my monitor at work.

This is my workplace (yup, it's a two-monitor setup):

The Channel 9 Guy up close, having a good time:

(Photos published with kind permission of Comma Soft AG)

2004-08-26: Feels like Christmas ;-)

...and these are just some of the prizes I've won with GhostDoc:

The software prizes were distributed via internet and thus are kinda hard to show (a CD-R isn't that spectacular to look at), but are really cool. And another book is still on its way -- winning stuff is fun!

P.S. In case you're wondering about the small yellow guy, it's the mascot of Microsoft's Channel9 website.

2004-08-13: 1st Place for GhostDoc!!!

Read all about it here and here.

And of course make sure you visit the GhostDoc website.

2004-07-30: Website Refresh

Ok... now that the GhostDoc website has been reworked, I thought it was time to tune up the home page a bit as well.

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